Competition: Celebrate 1000 members!

In order to celebrate 1000 BFN members, we have some fun in store for our community!

Today, we're kicking off our first official BFN contest. Contests will be a permanent fixture in the BFN community moving forward, and we will announce all contests in our #announcements channel on Discord.


64 players, one server, Kolibri only.

Your job is to get the kill on one of the BFN team members below (list is subject to change)

  • LamparaNera
  • Anwarandersson
  • Vicbou
  • Keso3k
  • PTYR44
  • killer_ben_
  • tehking-17

Grab the video of your successful kill(s), and post them through this form after the match. The winners will be picked at random among the submissions posted.


  • One "Best Community in the world" Dog Tag
  • One "#FridayNightBattlefield" Dog Tag
  • One copy of Battlefield 1 - For a friend perhaps?

Prizes will be awarded randomly to three valid submissions through our website.



Server will be named 'BFNations - Kolibri only'

Date is May 12th (Friday), and we begin at approx. 21:30 (GMT) or immediately after UK vs. Finland. Competition will last for approx. 2 hours.


  • Anyone using other any other hand-guns than Kolibri will be instantly banned from the server.
  • One clip per kill. If you managed multiple kills, upload and submit each one as separate clips.