Mid May Update

Hello, @LamparaNera here. Here's an update on how things are progressing, from my end. We have a number of things to tell you about! The website isn't the only thing that's changed around here.. we've been working behind the scenes to put some people in place to help their nations, and planning the tournament! PS don't even ask about the hours I've put into this so far :)) Lastly, we welcomed #spain and #germany over the past couple of days, so say hello! (warning: long article).


So as you may be aware, we have announced the Tournament date! Nation leaders will be selecting their teams in time for a July 7th kickoff. We are behind the scenes planning the matches, developing the technology and using feedback to make sure this is as successful as possible!

There are ongoing discussions regarding winning prizes to the nation winners, in addition to the best nation leaders. 

On this note, we are aware that given the tournament taking place will involve T5 matches, not everyone is going to be able to play on this occasion. We are looking into the potential of having a national B team, with opportunities to play regularly against other nations, and be selected for the first national teams. We are finalising the amount of nations that we can support in this tournament, however currently all active nations will be involved. 


The technology that will be supporting this tournament is being developed. We are using this time to ensure we reach a good level of production quality on our streams, our video content, social media, and stability of the infrastructure, such as our in-house bot, website, and spreadsheets. Over the next few weeks, you may see the introduction of some new features. Stay tuned!

The tournament structure is being worked out, along with what statistics need to be collected.
If you feel you have any talent that would help, and are wiling to contribute, then please get in touch with us. We would really value your support!

More information on the tournament will be announced soon.


The 1000 member competition winners were announced recently! Our Kolibri night was great fun both for the admins and members, once again, the winners:

  • @Zimzzey - Wins #FridayNightBattlefield DogTag
  • @warriorkv33 - Wins Best Community in the world DogTag
  • @NeilPud - Wins Battlefield 1 for PS4

If you haven't already, you will be recieving your prizes very shortly!

We plan to hold regular events to keep everyone engaged and to give back. Keep an eye on our website and #announcements.


We are happy to announce the selection of our new leaders:

  • @Mugiwara101 - United Kingdom
  • @Amorok94 - Norway
  • @Cantauro - Spain
  • @Alpha_2-4 - Spain

These guys will be available to answer any questions and will be involved of the day to day running of their respective nations. Congratulations to them, and a huge thanks to everyone who applied. 

We are also opening applications for a few other nations. Interested?

Some Feedback from the community

ZeusSKG wrote:

Hello ,I am ZeusSKG,I Joined BFNations recently. I'm playing for Belgium. I always loved watching competitive gameplay but I never found a way to a approach a team that could help me join this competitive side of gaming .BFNations was the solution for that. It made me Join The Belgium national team and play for them. Not just that. I found some good player that became good friends. Now if your willing for competitive play, or your willing to find some good player that can help you progress in the game. Or not just,If your willing to find some company! Some friends that can make you have fun playing this game.


Kyashu wrote:
This community I like is it's a mixture fun and competitive and that it doesn't mean everyone is going to be a competitive player but it allows people to play with competitive and maybe excel to that level. That's awesome! Keep doing it man. I'm sure DICE will love that aspect of Bf nations than what others are trying to dictate"