Let's talk Mouse & Keyboard


We were not sure whether to write this post or not, but here it goes.

As all of you probably know, the PS4 supports third party controllers. Among these controllers are the TAC Pro, a keyboard and mouse that prides itself on bringing 'PC style controls to PS4™ and PS3™ systems'.

Playing with Mouse & Keyboard is a contentious issue. Some players will go as far as requesting that any player using M&K should get banned from FPS-games. Others will take the position that the TAC is necessary for FPS games to even be playable on a console.

At BFNations, this issue matters, because our goal is to build a competitive league where conditions are more or less the same for all players. There are obvious benefits to console gaming for competitive; for example, there is little discrepancy in system specs, and hacking is much less prevalent than on PC. On the other hand - because of the limitations in twitch-movement when using an analogue stick - we have other issues to deal with.

On July 7th, the first BFN tournament will kick off. Before we get there, issues like these need to be resolved, and the way we have decided to move forward is by banning all mouse & keyboard devices from both friendly and competitive BFN-matches.

Now, lets break down what this actually means in more practical terms:

  • Mouse & Keyboard will be forbidden to use in both Competitive and Friendly BFN matches
  • We are developing technology-based solutions to detect mnk users. This and other methods will not be accurate beyond doubt, however they will assist in our decision making, as the onus is on us to make the final decision.
  • If a jury of our choosing can unanimously agree that M&K is being used by a player (after reviewing match footage), we reserve the right to ban this player permanently from participating in any BFN match
  • If a jury of our choosing can unanimously agree that a user is reporting "false positives" in order to try and get other players banned, we reserve the right to ban this player permanently from participating in any BFN match

As the scene for competitive gaming on PS4 continues to grow, other games will be suffering from this same issue. Blizzard has infact requested that Sony add native support for banning M&K, in order to improve conditions for 'Overwatch'. We believe this would be the best solution long-term, and will be requesting that DICE take the same stance on this issue.

With that, we would like to conclude this topic. Because we feel that it is an endless discussion, with no absolute solution applicable, we ask that our members refrain from bringing the subject up in our chats. We are not trying to alienate people using M&K, but we don't see a place for it in the BFN matches.

As usual, if you have any questions on this, or have further feedback, feel free to DM @Anwar or any other admin on our Discord server.

/ BFN Team