May patch highlights

May Battlefield 1 update is nearly upon us and it will probably be released tomorrow (Tuesday 30th of May) so we will see the full patch notes very soon, but here are the most interesting and important changes that DICE has in store for us:

Gameplay changes:
-players low on ammo will automatically have the icon displayed
-advanced gameplay option to reduce the camera shake during explosions
-adding custom joypad mapping

Mode changes:
-domination ticket count increased to 200
-changing the way Conquest mode rewards flag captures; reduced a capture bonus from 500 points, but more capture ticks added and there will be a general bonus for the team controlling more than 3 capture points
-added Join Any Operation button to start any available operation at either size

Vehicle changes:
-tank self-repair tweak: reduced repair time to 5seconds, but reduced health repaired to 200
-planes now have rear view
-stationary weapons now have double health, are indestructible, but they are unusable under 50% of the health and become usable again once repaired back to 100% with repair tool
-dogfighter now have incendiary ammo
-close support, flanker and howitzer tank general tweaks

Netcode changes:
-kill trade fix within 30 meters
-general netcode tweaks regarding hitbox detection and latency

And now the main star of this patch:

Bayonet charge nerf: 
-reduced the turn rate during both prepare and charge phase
-aiming speed modifier
-increased footsteps and voiceover volume
-removing damage reduction bonus during the charge


Source: DICE live stream on twitch

I will update you with the actual patch notes when DICE releases the full list. 

But for now, good luck, have fun and see you on the Battlefield.