International friendlies preview: June week 1

Attention soldiers,

This week we do not have just three games on the horizon, we have four. Four games filled with action, hype and national rivalry. This week we will have four winners and four losers. Let's unveil what BFNations has in store for all of us.

Friday 19.30: Italy - Netherlands

It appears that Ireland team was not able to make it so first game of the weekend will be a grand debut for the Italian Soldati and they are about to face seasoned soldiers of Netherlands. It was two weeks since last Dutch unfortunate loss against UK team so they will do their best to come out on top this time.

Saturday 19.30: Denmark - Belgium

Saturday will offer a match between Denmark and Belgium. Both teams lost their last games two weeks ago, Denmark against France and Belgium lost to Norway. Two weeks is a good amount of time to hone their teamwork and gameplay skills and I am excited to see who is going to take it home in this game.

Sunday 17.00: Germany - Portugal

Third game of this week and first game of Sunday is a faceoff between Germany and Portugal. This is going to be very interesting duel because both teams are pretty new to BFNations, Germany played only one game so far, last week and lost against Finland so let's hope they put in some practice time. While Portugal will have their first game this very Sunday and they decided to go right at it despite not having a national leader yet.

Sunday 19.00: Sweden - Norway

Last game is something to look forward to, grand game of this weekend, Nordic derby. Sweden is going to go up against Norway. Sweden lost their last game against Spain last week and not by a small margin so this is their chance to bounce back and show us what they are made of. While Norway did come out on top of their game two weeks ago and if you recall they were pretty close duels that kept us on the edge until the very end. And to make it even more personal, Sweden nation leader and a player most of us are familiar with - Exor - called out the Norwegian team so we shall see whether there is some weight behind his words or if the words are just a wind.

All times are set in GMT and there will be individual announcements for each game so make sure you don't miss out. Where to watch them? Why, on BFNations twitch of course, so see you there and be ready to show your support to the team you root for; they are going to need it and even if they do not see it, they sure appreciate it.

But now, good luck, have fun and see you on the Battlefield.