International Friendlies Preview: June Week 3

Attention soldiers,

Prepare for an action-packed weekend of truly exhilarating games. This weekend’s line-ups promise some of the most intense Battlefield Nations encounters yet, with our first ever Conquest 12v12 being streamed and with Nations looking to prove themselves before the beginning of the official BFNations tournament on the 7th of July

Friday 19:30 Switzerland – Italy (Domination)

An international debut for both teams which means that a great game will ensue as both teams will be looking to leave a lasting impression on other teams they’ll be likely to face in the upcoming tournament. Each team’s line-up is full of talent, this game looks to be a great watch!



Saturday 19:30 Austria – Belgium (Domination)

Another great game in-store for this weekend with the Belgians last game being a strong 3-1 defeat to a tough Danish opponent, being faced with the Austrians a team with a point to prove after a tough defeat last time round. Both team’s line-ups are full of Battlefield 1 powerhouses who have been dominating opponents in recent games, which should make this an extremely exciting and high-intensity game.



Sunday 17:00 France-Finland (Conquest)

A truly unmissable encounter in store for us as the first game this Sunday, with Battlefield Nations first international-friendly conquest game. A true “clash of the titans” as two of the biggest nations go head to head in what is sure to prove one of the most exciting games to grace the battlefields so far. Both teams looking to leave a lasting impression and pave the way for a new era of Battlefield Nations international games in conquest. If you plan on watching any games this weekend, be sure to tune in a 17:00GMT this Sunday!



Sunday 19:00 Ireland – Portugal (Domination)

Another international debut, this time its Portugal taking to the battlefield against an Irish team with a point to prove after a tough defeat last time out to the Norwegians. The Portuguese will be looking for a victory which could be crucial in their preparation for the upcoming Battlefield Nations tournament. Another great watch is sure to ensue with both team fielding their best players in what promises to be an extremely intense encounter.


All times shown are in GMT. Posters will be released via discord with more details for each game such as line-ups and maps before each game. All games are watchable on BF Nations Twitch with live commentary where you will also be able to interact with us via the live chat. Good luck to all teams involved!

See you all on the Battlefield!