Progression Team introduction

Attention soldiers,

BFNations is introducing Progression teams, it's a new structure put in place for players to play nationally with the aim of progressing to the first national team (a.k.a. A-team). Here's everything you need to know about this new program. If you have any question regarding the Progression teams, don't hesitate to contact Keso3k at Discord.

So, you want to play for your national team?

Representing your country in an international match is prestigious and a lot of people want the opportunity to make their mark in the national team. This can be somewhat tricky for new players as the A-teams are often a well-knitted and tight group of players. That's where our Progression teams (PT) come in. The PTs work as a proving ground and as a way for new and up-and-coming competitive players to show of their worth. For the upcoming July tournament the A-teams will be fixed, but until then there are no set teams.


How does it work?

The national admins for each country are responsible for putting together a roster of 10-15 people (no roster limit however) for their nation's T5. The PTs are open to anybody who wants to tryout. You might not make the cut but you will get a chance. There is no limit as to how many times you can tryout.

Every nation handles its tryouts differently depending on the level and engagement in that particular nations PT.

Simply talk to your national admin and let him know you are interested to get your chance fortryout!


What can you expect from BFN as a Progression team player?

You can expect us to give you as much coverage as possible. Our goal is to stream and comment every PT game played and to do so before A-team fixtures. BFN will also help you in your transition to the A-team when and if your national admin has cleared you fit for transfer.


What do we expect from you as a Progression team player?

We expect you to behave in the manner of a professional athlete:

  • You treat everyone the same no matter their skill level or background.
  • You always represent BFN and its values both in the community and in matches.
  • You always wear proper emblems and tags when playing within BFN.


But now, good luck, have fun and see you on the Battlefield.


author: Keso3k