European Championships Summary - Week 2


Attention soldiers,

We have now finished our second week of the European championship, and it featured all out war, team tactics, awesome gameplay and kolibris. 16 countries showed what they were capable of, and one even made its BFN debut! In this post match article we’ll not only talk about the matches, but also the quarter-finals!


Starting off our weekend full of action is the long awaited Spain – Finland match, this one was full of intense moments, strats, nasty kills and teamplay. Both teams wanted that win, Finland the underdog went all in but couldn’t compete with the stronger Spain, who has won most of its previous matches. It ended up being a very interesting game to watch, but with a final score of Spain 2 – 0 Finland.

Our second and last match on Friday was Sweden – Germany. It was a fierce battle, with one clear winner. Sweden lost most of its one on ones which resulted in Germany taking the flags, and once they got them, they did not let go without a long and hard fight. Unsurprisingly, the final score ended up being Sweden 0 – 2 Germany.


The Austria – France game was quite a surprise. Austria put up a good fight against the very experienced France players, making for a really exciting game to watch! Although there were some issues at the beginning the commentating was spot on. The final score was France 2 – 0 Austria.

In the Netherlands – Poland match there was no way of guessing who would win as Poland made their debut on BFN in a spectacular way: A tie! We had not seen this before and as the chances are really slim, I doubt it will ever happen again. Both teams fought hard on the second map, but Poland was clearly better here, as the Netherlands has not trained much on Empire’s Edge. The final score was Netherlands 0 – 1 Poland.

In the Switzerland – UK match we saw something we’d all rather forget, I won’t go into detail but it involved snipers and kolibris. We saw Switzerland put up a good fight but they couldn’t catch up after UK increased the point difference significantly. The final score here was Switzerland 0 -2 UK.


Our first game on Sunday was Belgium – Ireland, both teams did an awesome job in delivering an exciting game, but we saw that Belgium clearly was the better team that day. Everyone showed great teamplay and communication, which might have looked like wall hacks for the viewers. The final score was Belgium 2 – 0 Ireland.

Immediately following this was the Denmark – Italy game. As Italy is considerably one of the best teams in BFN, Denmark could only hope to stand strong against them, and they did. We saw a lot of skill going into this game, a level of skill most players could only dream off to achieve. Although Denmarks hard effort, the final score was Denmark 0 – 2 Italy.

The last game of this weekend was Portugal – Croatia. This game unfortunately contained the first round that ended 100-0, Croatia did their best to hold the Portuguese beasts off, but they weren’t able to, and Portugal did not show mercy. This match there was a clear winner, no fog to be seen, and that was Portugal, finishing off with a final score of Portugal 2 – 0 Croatia.

Now onto the quarter-finals!

From 3 out of the 4 groups we already know the 2 teams who will play the quarter finals. In group A these will be Germany and Spain, in group C Belgium and UK and in group D Italy and Portugal. These are all fun to look out for, but where is group B you ask? That’s where it gets interesting!

In group B both the Netherlands and Poland are potential runner-ups. Let’s consider the possibilities:

-If France - Netherlands ends 2 - 0 & Austria - Poland ends 2 - 0 Netherlands is runner up.

-If France - Netherlands ends 2 - 0 & Austria - Poland ends 1 - 1 Netherland & Poland are potential runner ups.

-If France - Netherlands ends 2 - 0 & Austria - Poland ends 0 - 2 Poland is the runner up

-If France - Netherlands ends 1 - 1 & Austria - Poland ends 0 - 2 Netherlands & Poland are potential runner ups

-If France - Netherlands ends 0 - 2 Netherlands is a potential winner of the group

Credits to ChaosZake

Who will win? Nobody knows! Be sure to watch for all our streams in the weekends. Or look them back on We hope you’ll have a great week ahead, and see you next weekend!

See you on the battlefield soldiers!