Quick Beginner's Guide - Support

Let's have a look at what the support class has in store for us. Playing around with gadgets like the limpet charge can be exciting but when you step foot on the competitive field you might want to switch up your tactics. Here are my tips for becoming a better player.

A quick guide on how to get good at BF1 (support class).


The support class in BF1 is mostly played by players with a lot of patience. This class is often used to defend flags, both in conquest and domination, but doesn't go unseen that this class is used to rush into objectives and take out half an army. In this quick guide we’ll talk about the basics, loadouts and how to be a real team player.

By playing as a support your team is counting on you to be the one that is defending flags and holding back enemy flanks. Don’t camp, that’s something completely different. Follow your team but stay one or two flags behind them. If they push up, you push up, if they fall back, you fall back. If you’re at an objective, find a nice area where you have the most cover and a good overview to the flanks, but always keep moving; ever stand still in one spot for more than ten seconds nor stay in the same area after you kill someone. If necessary use your explosives to destroy or create cover, and to wreak havoc upon the enemy team. Survive, even at the cost of the enemies taking the flag, be the anchor for your squad to spawn on and take that flag back as soon as possible!

Eventually you’ll have to find your own play style, so try as many things out as possible and play the way you like, this way you will not only be much more effective in what you do, but also have more fun in the game overall and that is what matters. Right?


The loadout for the support class might look simple, but it is far from that. The loadout will reflect your play style, if you’re an aggressive support you should go with the BAR because of its high rate of fire, high damage output and its extreme accuracy. But if you prefer more of a supporting role you can go with the m15 suppressive with its bipod and sights or the benet-mercle with its accuracy and fire rate. For the secondary my personnel favourite is the repetierpistole because you can accurately put multiple shots on target with a high damage output, this means it has a high ttk (time to kill). The first gadget every support should have is the ammo pouch, throw it around as often as possible for your teammates to pick up, or be an Olympic shot putter if someone requests it from a range. The second gadget for me is the limpet (if you aren’t playing comp) because it can completely annihilate enemy cover and can take down entire buildings full of campers. Also the grenade crossbow is useful (again if you aren’t playing comp), but it is seen by many to be a weapon for noobs as you don’t need much skill to use it right. However, if you do, it can change the course of the game. The grenade and knife are your choice as it should suit your play style.


As this article has already given away, the basics of the support class are obvious in the name, your goal is to support your team wherever necessary by throwing ammo, be a spawn point or even to open up areas with the explosives you got in your arsenal. Remember that the team is counting on you as you might be mean the difference between a win and a loss.

I wish you all the best of luck in getting used to the support class and hope to see you on the battlefield!