Aim Assist - Too Much?

Aim assist. These are the two words that I know cause misery to many members of our community. Online, you would see so many clips of someone who's "good", going on a kill streak because they're having this over powered assist on, that sometimes allows them to quick scope with a sniper equipped with iron sights. 

Now we're a year in, DICE has made a few changes to the aim assist in the game, but it's still very powerful and one of the factors a lot of players no longer play on public servers. We've all been there, running across the battlefield under the cover of gas or smoke and... ping. Your helmet comes off, and you're left in a controller throwing moment just saying questioning how that just happened.


So, while there has been changes to the game - to nerf this problem - making it indeed less powerful, it's still too strong of an assist in my opinion. I could at the same time understand why it's not been completely removed from the game. It's console, aiming with a controller can be difficult sometimes, especially for the more casual player like myself. Completely removing it would cause too much upset, because a lot of players now rely on using it. It's one of those situations where the developers has a job on their hands to eventually fix this.

Take it away, and you'll have casuals complaining. Keep it in and you'll have the competitive players complaining. I have a suggestion here that could be a potential fix.


When playing a public official server game, the server settings are automatically with aim assist turned on, so if your personal settings are off, you're technically straight away putting yourself at a disadvantage in most situations. If you're used to having it turned off, turning it back on could completely mess with your game - I have tried this out - and won't quite feel the same satisfaction knowing the mechanics aided you. Besides, it sometimes soft-locks to unwanted targets. What if the developers made official servers that have the aim assist rotation off? 

If you've ever played GTA V, you may know that they have a decent way to address the aiming situation. If you set aim assist off, you'll go into a server only with other players that also have it turned off. So why can't they implement this into Battlefield 1?

If in your personal settings you have it off, you would get put into a server where everyone else has it switched off as well, and the game is then fairly balanced. You could of course also choose whether this filter is on or off. Sure, competitive players may have their own private servers they could play on, but if this option existed, I think that a lot of players would like to play publicly with different players. That's one of the reasons we play online; to meet - or kill - new players!