BFNations Ambassador - Syrup from Canada


Since we're introducing the new Ambassador role, we felt it appropriate to have a chat with Syrup, our first BFNations member to acquire this role.


How did you first come across BFNations?

Since I started playing Battlefield 1, I’ve always looked to improve my Battlefield experience. About 4 months ago, our clan leader saw the BFNations post on the Battlefield Tracker Network site. He thought the idea was great and asked us if we would like to represent our clan and country. On July 17th, the Canadian nation channel was born and I have barely opened my Facebook since that day.


BFN Canada has been a very successful community. You’re active, play a lot together and always have fun events planned out. Why do you think that is?


We’re really proud of representing the country. This is all bigger than us and we feel lucky to be part of it - this explains the mentality in our channels. Also, we’re passionate and understand that working together is the way to success. We quickly improve over time and become stronger as a group every day.

When I say passionate, I don't specifically mean on the field only; we all want to be the top players of our nation and become the best in the world at the same time. However, not everyone has the crazy reflexes that are needed, so with me for instance, I try to involve myself at other levels that help improve the amount of activity, quality and performance we see now in Canada. All of this is only possible because I have the chance to work with amazing Team Leaders, who always dedicate themselves to 100%. Again, meeting up often and working together really helps us have a good understanding of goals and great communication at anytime.


Canada is a bilingual country. How has that affected the way the nation is managed?

Voice chats were a complete mess at first, that's true. With time, we structured keywords that everyone tries to use when necessary. It is of course easier to learn the basics of English than French, so we use English-related terms during matches. Coordinate points for exemple; North sounds very similar to Nord in French, same with West (Ouest), East (Est) etc.

So if an English-speaking player enters a French squad, team mates will adjust their vocabulary to make sure everyone understands. The same goes if a French player enters an English squad.

I would like to add that the general willingness of everyone wanting to make the team win and improve is a big chunk of the success of our language system and communication. Both official languages are allowed in our channels, naturally.


Do you have any advice for other nation leaders on BFN?

Stay humble and productive. Show that you love what you do. Be there as often as you can. Don’t brag at all. Use the truth as a shield. I really see myself at the complete service of the country and the players, not as their boss.

Work with positive people, those who are there and active in the channels. Be a charismatic leader.

It’s not an easy task and it's important to always be truthful with your Teams Leaders, to make sure they choose the best actions and decisions required to keep your country on top.


Any plans for the future of BFN Canada now that you’ve received the Ambassador role?

Many. Grow as much as possible. Create associations and partnership to make Team Canada in Battlefield more and more spotlighted. Unite the Canadian scene to 100%. Help them become an official eSports-team. Find opportunities in order to do so. This may actually arrive on the table sooner than we think. Organize big events for us. And so much more!

I think as an Ambassador I have to put the country to the highest level possible. We will continue to have fun, be dedicated and help to make Battlefield became an official competitive game.


What direction would you like BFN to take in the future?

I think BFN is serious about the big dream they have. Supporting every platform, having our own web app, hosting big competitions etc. I really want us to become the place to be for anything related to Battlefield.

In fact, the eSports industry is going to triple in size the the coming two years, I want BFN to be there for that. Videogames are the future and it’s already happening, for exemple, eSports are going to be presented officially at the Tokyo Olympics 2022. If we can get our piece of the pie, this mean that the players here are going to be the first to have the fruits of that, and all that is really exciting!