BFN Division 2: Everything you need to know


Tomorrow, we kick off the highly anticipated debut of clans / eSport teams on BFNations!

In total, approximately 576 players, in 36 teams will be competing across 3 divisions, in a league system that will remain on BFN throughout future game-modes and Battlefield games.

This post will provide you with all the need-to-know details about Division 2, which will be running between October 20th - December 17th.


All matches in the BFN Divisions will be played as 8 vs 8 Frontlines, according to the T8 Frontlines ruleset.

Frontlines has been picked as a preparation ahead of the release of Incursions, which we see becoming the flagship mode for BFNations long-term.


12 teams will be competing in Division 2. The 3 teams with the most accumulated points after 11 rounds will be promoted to Division 1. The 3 teams with the least accumulated points after 11 rounds will face relegation to Division 3.

Each of the teams will be fielding a roster of 10-16 players. Full rosters are accessible via the Division 2 Challonge page.



As with our other events and competitions, the Divisions will be governed by a few basic rules of conduct:

  • Be respectful towards the staff that are working hard and volunteering their time to make this possible.
  • No form of discrimination or harassment against other players of BFN community members is allowed. This includes harassment based on race, sexual orientation, gender, age or religion.
  • To maintain fairness in matches within our BFN community, we do not allow M/K emulator and/or exploting devices e.g cronusmax and macros.


BFN matches are arranged on fix dates and times. This gives clan leaders, clan members and viewers full clarity in to when matches will be taking place. 

A full match schedule is available on this link


The full table for Division 1 is available here


Of course, our Stream team will be back in action for the Divisions, at the BFNations Twitch channel

Our stream slots are:

19:00 GMT

17:00 GMT
19:00 GMT
21:00 GMT

17:00 GMT
19:00 GMT

Streams will be announced on a weekly basis, and while we will mainly be focusing on Division 1, we will do our best to give exposure to some of the lower divisions as well.

Shuffs, allstarpunk99, KappyB, Nerv, Puppy1Mountain, Tehkingofking and Syrup will be heading up the commentary. We're also expecting a variety of interesting guests. ChaosZake (the one and only) will be managing the production together with SMK.

If you're interested in joining our amazing commentary team, or have an Elgato and want to help out with broadcasting; please get in touch with @Shuffs or @ChaosZake on our Discord server.


Promotion to Division 1 (all 3 top teams)
Official BFN Shirt (winning team)
BFN Battlecoins
More to come