BFN Divisions seed-tournament : Registration open!


On October 7th and 8th, BFN will be holding a seed-tournament to help determine starting positions in the BFN Divisions. If you're not yet aware of the BFN Divisions, be sure to check out this post before continuing below!

Seed-matches will be taking place on the following times:

October 7th (18:00 GMT)
October 7th (20:00 GMT)
October 8th (18:00 GMT)
October 8th (20:00 GMT)

During our closed registration, a total of 11 teams have signed up for participation in the seed-tournament. The remaining 25 slots will now be open to the public on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Signed up teams

The following teams have so far reserved a slot for the seed-tournament:


The seed-tournament will work as follows:

1. Every team will face another team in a match of 8v8 Frontlines. All matches will be played according to the BFN 8v8 Frontlines Ruleset

2. If your team lost, you will face another losing team in round two

3. If your team won, you will face another winning team in round two

4. After the two games, all results will be summarized. The top 12 teams (based on # of wins, and total score) will be placed in Division 1, followed by the next 12 in Division 2 etc.


We have received a few questions about the format, let me address those here:

What if there is a tie in the final seed-tournament scores?
If two teams end up on identical scores, and the two teams need to go in separate divisions, a tie break match will be arranged between the sides outside of the seed tournament. The tie break match will be arranged based on both teams availability / schedule, but must take place before October 15th.

Will DLC maps be played?
Yes. The DLC's contain some great maps, and moving forward, DLC's will always be a part of BFN competitions. Instead of blacklisting entire DLC's, we will instead work off a map pool that is defined in the ruleset.

When will the full divisions details come out?
Full information on the BFN Divisions will be out on October 16th. This includes full league tables, schedule and prize pools.

How will score reporting & rulesets work?
The score reporting process, and the full T8 Ruleset is still under evaluation by our compliance team. All clanleaders will be updated via the #clanleader channel on Discord as soon as it has been finalized.

How does the scheduling process work for the Divisions?
As always, we will be working off a tight and pre-defined schedule. We're doing this to assure high quality streams, as well as giving everyone - including the clan leaders and players - the ability to plan ahead.

Match dates and times will be defined by BFN organizers, and teams that noshow will forfeit, granting the opposing team a victory. Please keep this in mind before registering, and consider it when picking your rosters. Registered teams should be flexible enough to play on any of the following days / times on a weekly basis:

19 GMT

17 GMT
19 GMT
21 GMT

17 GMT
19 GMT