BFNations Incursions Divisions - Season One

The Battlefield competitive scene finally has platform-wide coverage for Battlefield Incursions. A competitive mode for Battlefield has been a long time coming, and BFNations role in all this is clear. We want to send the world a loud message; competitive Battlefield is here to stay, and Battlefield eSports is where we want to go.

On April 27th, we will be kicking off the seeding phase for our very first Incursions Divisions season, which begins on May 5th. This will be our biggest event yet in terms of participating teams, as our Divisions will - for the first time ever - span across all platforms (PC, PS4 and Xbox) and two regions (EU and NA).

Registration, information and everything else is available on:

This marks the last major event arranged before we see the advent of BFN 2.0, our upcoming platform which will be a game changer for Battlefield eSports. Since results and records will carry over, we recommend any team that is serious about competing on the bigger stage in the future to take this chance and register for our seeding phase now.

If your team is new to competitive Battlefield; don't shy away. Lower divisions will be available, giving you a comfortable place to start your competitive journey.