by BFNations


Today we have some exciting news for our members.

When we started BFNations, one challenge we frequently encountered within the Battlefield community was a disconnect between where veteran players felt the game should go, and the direction the game was actually heading. Actually, let's not sugar coat this; most of us felt like our opinions didn't matter much, and that clear issues in the game were being ignored. This problem stuck in the back of our minds, and we realized that bridging this gap is crucial for the Battlefield competitive scene to thrive in the future.

At Gamescom 2017, We were able to meet up with John Nelson, competitive commissioner at EA, and to our delight, he shared our thoughts on this. In fact, most - if not all - of the staff at DICE / EA that we have had the pleasure to meet with are sympathetic towards this, and want to address our feedback to the best of their abilities.

With that in mind. It's our pleasure to introduce

This platform (powered by Discourse) will become a hub for community feedback on the game. Any Battlefield player can register on the site, and contribute their feedback. This will provide a much clearer channel for feedback than - for example - Reddit threads. For the EA/DICE development team, it also means that the feedback will become much more accessible and polished. The team at BFWishlist will continously review and structure the content here in order to make it crystal clear what the competitive Battlefield scene is hoping to see next.

.. and here are a few other features of the platform:

  • Rank system, where the best testers / feedback providers are rewarded with badges and more capabilities
  • Category system, where feedback is sorted in to the specific area it concerns (RSP, Vehicles, Weapons etc)
  • Ability to like feedback, and filter feedback based on recency / popularity

Over the upcoming month, the team will be inviting the top minds in competitive Battlefield, as well as DICE staff to connect at We're looking forward to hearing from you what improvements, bugs or ideas that you may want to address.

See you on the Battlefield!