Clan Preview - L110




L110 was established on October 3rd, 2017, with the intention of competing in the BFN Clan Divisions. The idea to start a clan had been there since the release of Battlefield 1, but early on there didn't seem to be a platform for it. After a post in one of the channels on the BFNations Discord server, the clan went off to a flying start. Since then, they have been building a competitive team of highly active gamers and like minded people.



I asked Campkilla a few questions about the clan, leadership and the work required to manage everything. They have a structured schedule with different team sizes playing together on different days of the week.

What makes you a great leader? 

With a full time job and a gorgeous girlfriend, currently I offer around twenty hours a week of Battlefield game time. I remain available on most forms of social media throughout the day. Being a gas safe engineer for nearly twenty years, I would like to believe I've developed excellent interpersonal skills and a communicative ability. This bodes well for dealing with a variety of Clan issues that occur.


How much work is put into it? 

The team has done very well since we've developed our clan. It's still a work in progress but with the active and talented members we have putting in all efforts of organizing friendly games, rosters and team sheets, we hope to be kept busy. 


We're very excited to see a clan spawn entirely out of our community, and hope to see L110 participate in many upcoming tournaments.