BFN 2018: Competitive Timeline

Dear members of BFNations, and Battlefield-fans worldwide.

Today, we have the privilege to announce some of our competitive plans for 2018. We’re going to unveil something we have been working on for some time: the BFNations competitive timeline.

Based on the feedback we’ve received from members last year, it’s clear that there is demand for a lot more competitions and eSport events hosted by BFN. You’ve asked for more of everything, and we plan to deliver.

The timeline (below) will look similar from year-to-year, even as new entries of the Battlefield Franchise are released. That's our goal here; giving you consistency. Of course, we will respond to changes in demand, and the state of the game, but you can see the below timeline as a minimum commitment on behalf of BFNations competitive.

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Type: Clans / eSport Organizations
When: Mid April - Mid June
Platform(s): PS4 & PC

BFN Divisions will be back again, with the seed tournament starting mid April. We've learned a lot from our first run, and will be implementing several improvements to help the leagues run smoother.

For those new to BFN Divisions; this is our core competitive mode, and comprises of several 'divisions' played in a round-robin system. Each Division consists of 7 teams, and will stretch from Division 1, down to Division 3 (or further, depending on demand / # of signups).

Instead of T8, Divisions will now instead focus on T5, with the advent of Incursions around the corner. Divisions will also be split up in regions (NA / EU / RoW), allowing for a smoother scheduling process, and less issues with latency.


Type: Clans / eSport Organizations
When: End of May - Beginning of July
Platform(s): TBA

How descriptive eh? During the course of our Divisions, we will also be hosting a separate tournament, aimed at non-standard game-modes. Depending on where the game is in it's development, this may be a T12 Conquest-mode, Rush, or Frontlines


Type: Nations
When: Beginning of October - End of November
Platform(s): PS4 & PC

For nations, we have decided to scrap our regional competitions this year, and instead focus on a worldwide tournament. We believe this will help our promotional efforts, and will allow nations like US and Saudi Arabia to finally showcase their skills on the big stage.


Type: Nations
When: Beginning of August - End of September
Platform(s): TBA

In the run up towards the World Cup, we will be hosting a T12 competition for Nations. We have had a lot of demand for this, and are excited to see pilots as part of the competitive fixtures.


Type: Nations
When: Beginning of February - End of March
Platform(s): PS4

For the period leading up to the BFN Divisions, our Ambassadors will get a chance to shape the competitive schedule by proposing events they would like to see us arrange. While we're reaching a conclusion here, a final decision has not been made, but will be announced within the upcoming week.


Stay tuned for more information, as we will be updating the timeline with more precise dates, and other goodies in the weeks to come. Finally; a huge thanks to our loyal members who have encouraged us to keep going, and reach the point where we can credibly take an approach of this scale.