Cooperation with DICE - We made a splash!


Yesterday we had the great opportunity to meet with DICE management at their headquarters here in Stockholm!

First off all, this marks an important day in our history as BFNations. When we started this community, we were discouraged by people telling us that the game developers wouldn't listen, and that our goals were too ambitious.

Yesterday proved both of those claims wrong. DICE took time out of their busy schedule to hear us out on some off the challenges we're facing, and our future plans. It's safe to say that DICE are excited about what we're trying to achieve, and want to support our quest to build a bigger and more united Battlefield community and competitive scene.

Further announcements on what our plans are will come in due course. For now: we made a splash, and that matters. This is all thanks to you, our members, to whom we pledge our loyalty.

Let's make BFNations something that will stand the test of time, and help new players discover the magic of Battlefield.

Yours truly,

BFN Team