European Championships Preview - Finals

Attention soldier,


We have reached the end of the line. The last preview for this years European Championships on BFNations. We have seen 27 battles take place since July 7th, where many nations have fought intensely to climb the ladder. Many of them have fallen where others have emerged victorious and eventually get to where we are now - the final.

I present to you the two standing European nations to face off in this last battle of our tournament:

Spain and Germany.

They have by far proven themselves to be the strongest teams, with only a few other nations actually able to compete on their level.

The teams consist of some incredibly talented players and up until now it has been exciting to watch them in action, pulling off some astonishing plays. But now, all cards are put on the table as they gather one last time to fight for the crown, the glory and the grand prize. No more goofing around, because one minor mistake could change the course of the entire match.


During the course of the tournament, some players have really stood out - for good reasons. They’ve lead their teams and really made a name for themselves on BFN. When mentioning players like Synergie_Heart, mIwula, Xxphantom2332xx or Josedecoin, you will know who I am talking about. These are only a handful of the players that have really spoiled us with some remarkable gunplay, strategy and reaction times.


At the same time, I think many of the players have really grown on many levels throughout the championships. A few great ones have been introduced to competitive play, while some have evolved the way they engage and interact with other players. This has been a great experience for us and I am looking forward to the next tournament. I hope you are too!


Let’s take a look at the final match.


Saturday, August 12

20.00 GMT Germany - Spain


They have quite a rivalry between each other at this point. Who can blame them. We have seen them fight off nation after nation to get here. One nation has to go, one will remain. Second place walks home with a free 6 month server on Battlefield 1 which is pretty sweet.

Both teams will without a doubt give their all for this game, which will mean hell on the field. Xxphantom22332xx - the unstoppable force - will hopefully face off against the brutal Synergie_Heart for an intense one versus one moment. Although, it all comes down to teamplay. Flags will be capped every second here, making the match drag on and tensions skyrocket. Blood, sweat and tears will be shed. The first one in-game only, I hope.

Their strategy has to be on point throughout and everyone needs to stay focused. MIwula has thus far been able to lead the German team properly and their communication works well. I trust that they will do well in this match.

We know that Spain has torn through most of the opposition they have faced so far - but this game could go either way. I would say that these teams are equally strong in their own way, something that is going to make the scene even more interesting. I’m expecting the ticket difference to stay below 10 on this one, for most of it.

Everything seen in this stream will make for a great tips and tricks moment for everyone watching, as the best of the best show off their skills, tactics and corner sliding on the battlefield. Make sure you bring a notepad for this one!


That about wraps up our final preview for this tournament. I hope you have enjoyed them and gained a little something out of it. Look forward to a summary after the weekend. BFN is taking leaps forward and there will be more tournaments and events to look forward to in the near future. This was our first attempt and it's been a lot of fun, all while learning new things in the process. We have had some fantastic streams with talented commentators to enrich the experience.

To watch this final, head over to our Twitch. Make sure you follow us so you don't miss out. This is our grand finale. Place your bets and let's roll!

See you there and don't forget to say hi. Have a great one!