Introducing: BFN Clan Divisions


A lot of exciting things are happening right now in the world of competitive Battlefield. With the announcement of the upcoming game-mode, Incursions, we're all looking forward to Battlefield finally taking a step in to the world of eSports.

What does this mean for BFNations?

BFN will of course be supporting the new Incursions-mode with tournaments and events when it is released. In preparation for this, we will also be broadening our horizons, and start supporting Battlefield clans & eSports organizations.

As with our Nation vs. Nation matchups, our end-goal is to arrange real-life Championships, where the very best clans and players from all over the world can compete for attractive prize pools.

To begin with; on October 20th, we will be opening up 3 separate clan divisions, made up of 12 teams each. Each Division will represent a tier, with Division 1 of course being reserved for the very best teams on the Battlefield competitive scene for PS4.

We want to join in! How do we sign up?

The qualification process for the 3 leagues will work as follows:

On October 7th, a seed-tournament will be held, where clans will be able to compete for 36 slots in our league system. The outcomes of the tournament will determine each clans position in the division system. Any clans signing up for participation after the tournament will be placed in a queue, which we will draw from in case of withdrawals. More details on the mini tournament format, and the registration process will be released soon.

So what mode are we playing?

Given the nature of the coming incursions game-mode, and the feedback we have had from our members, our clan divisions will be Frontlines 8 vs 8. Roster size will be a minimum of 12 players, and a maximum of 14.

And what about prizes?

The following prize pool is subject to change. We are currently holding talks with new partners, and will of course announce any updates made.

$500 Cash prize (team)
$50 EUR PSN / player
Official BFN Shirt
Custom engraved trophy

Promotion to Div 1
Official BFN Shirt

Promotion to Div 2

More information, full prize pools, updates and schedules will be released within short. Stay tuned!