Nation of the Month: Ireland


Nation of the Month is our way of showing appreciation to the most active, welcoming and inspiring local Battlefield communities out there. One of the mantras at BFNations has always been to get more people from across the world to play Battlefield, together.

As we've grown, national teams have been formed, clans have taken shape, and thousands of relationships have been forged between people from across the world. Although we're the platform facilitating it; the real engine in this are the national communities who are arranging events, practicing for scrims, and simply playing together on a daily basis.

As a humble token of our gratitude for their effort; we will award a $100 budget to a single nation every month, which can be used for competition prize pots, server rentals etc.
Each winner will be picked based on the discretion of BFN Community Management, and will be awarded for their level of activity, openness and general atmosphere.


The Irish community - which is one of the smallest on BFN - managed to pull together a team for the MCOMFEST, and have been really committed to putting Ireland on the map as far as competitive BF goes. There's great ambience in the nation, and the Irish ambassador has really put in an effort to help coordinate things.

Ireland is officially the first nation to receive this reward of the $100 community budget.