Recording Your Gameplay (PS4)

There's a plethora of reasons you would want to record gameplay on your Playstation: that game changing clutch, the long distance headshot, an epic killstreak or suspicious behavior from another player. You would want to do this without constantly streaming, and thankfully there are tools making this possible.


If this is your first time fiddling with the Share-settings, changing the way you access the Share-menu is highly recommended; keep reading to find out how!

Start by clicking the Share button on the left of your touchpad.

The quick menu for Share will pop up. Head over to Sharing and Broadcast Settings.







You're now in the settings menu. From here, you can change the length of your clips to up to an hour. Mind that the longer the clips, the more space it will require from your hard drive. Now, continue with SHARE Button Control Type.


Change from Standard to Easy Screenshots. The next time you open the Share-menu, you'll need to hold down the Share-button; instead of pressing. You can now also conveniently snap screenshots simply by pressing the Share-button.

So, the next time you want to record your recent gameplay, simply hold down the Share-button and hit Square to save the clip. From here, the easiest option would be to trim your video using Playstation's built in Share Factory. Simply upload it to your Youtube account directly from the application and save the link. If you instead prefer to use your own editing program, insert a USB flash drive into your Playstation and export the videofile onto it.

Then, head over to our submit-a-clip to submit your prize-winning entry! Also, make sure you stop by our Youtube-channel to check out the how to record gameplay on PC guide.