The Women of WW2

If you're here, there's a significant chance you've seen the Battlefield V trailer. It certainly spurred up a controversial conversation around the game, where one of the reasons were women being featured in the game. 

In World War 2 it's well known that the men went to war, and those that didn't help, with no good reason were branded as cowards - because the war needed people to fight. Women would instead stay at home, but not without a reason. They took over many of the men's original jobs in the factories, so that more men could be sent to war, but allowing the countries to maintain a stable economy to fund the war. These factories would a lot of the time be converted, to manufacture everything from ammunition to planes.

Then, did women actually go to combat?

They did. They made up a small percentage of the total of troops sent, mainly taking on roles that weren't on the frontline. This included medical support, engineering, pilots. They could also find themselves in the frontline sometimes, mainly by chance though.
The Soviet Union would commonly send women to war. They used females for all the above mentioned roles, but also as snipers or tankers. Some of them reportedly took a lot of enemies out too, such as Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a sniper in the Red Army who was credited with 309 kills, and to this day is regarded as one of the best military and female snipers ever. 

The US army also sent a lot of females to war, but opted against using them in direct combat due to public opinion being against it at the time. This meant that most ended up tending to the wounds of fellow male soldiers as nurses behind the battles, or at home again in places like shipyards, like the famous figure called Rosie the Riveter, a cultural icon and song of the war.

In conclusion, females may not have been well known in the war, but they were certainly present. and many did lose their lives by enemy fire. Without the females in the war, the final story could've been different. 

Here's our video covering a lot of extra information regarding this subject.