Turning Tides: January Update

While the December update is only roughly a month away, we won't be seeing these two maps hit the live servers until January next year. This is also when we finally truly get to experience naval warfare in Battlefield 1.

DICE has given us plenty of information to chew on while we patiently await the update, here's a brief description of each of the two maps: 
  • Heligoland Bight: The Great War at sea. Engage in an epic naval clash as the British Empire Royal Marines and German Navy pit dreadnoughts, destroyers, and aircraft against each other while infantry troops fight by the iconic red cliffs of Rocky Cove. 


  • Zeebrugge: Take part of the daring British raid on the Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge with rough waves and a vast German mole as backdrop. Fight at sea, in the air, and in close-quarter infantry environments.


Not only do we get two no interesting maps, but we'll also get to play as the naval troops of the British Empire: 

  •  Royal Marines: Don the characteristic blue uniform of the British Empire’s elite naval troops and charge into battle with the new Royal Marines.


Looks like we're not getting a new iterarion of Battlefield's famous Wake Island map, but I would say this is close enough, right? Even though the naval battles looks very interesting, I'll be especially looking forward to the close-quarter infantry combat, hopefully with some map verticality thrown into the mix.