Uniting the Community - Ban Amnesty

Hello everyone,

We are going to be removing all previous bans for all users within our community. If you have been banned previously by us, you are now able to rejoin BFN. 

Why are we doing this? 

We feel that the community needs to be more united, rather than divided.

So we are leading the initiative to allow everyone the opportunity to reintegrate themselves into BFNations, and be a positive influence within the community. And it's only fair we allow this to happen.

Given a portion of the very established competitive community were reluctant and disagreed with what we were trying to achieve early on,  there were many occurrences where bans were issued because instead of allowing a dialog to take place, the rude behaviour and general toxicity was immediately shut down.

We were wrong in doing this, although we promote a clean environment for all our players, we also believe in allowing people to express themselves and be listened to so long as they do it in a mature fashion. So long as people can express their concerns without being racist/discriminative or personally attacking another player, they should be listened to.

Another reason why we are doing this is because some of our community members have friends or team mates who are currently banned. We want to help these loyal members out by giving their friends another opportunity, and this is something we believe in. 

Building mutual trust is important, perhaps we are naive to think this will work, but the only way to find out is to see. We will wipe the slate clean and have no preconceptions, and in turn we ask that any previously banned member approaches us with an open outlook and tries their best to integrate - should they want to come back. 


What we ask in return

We still want to maintain a less toxic environment where everyone feels welcome. We treat everyone with respect, but also recognise that it is normal for a group dynamic to have more banter, and will be a bit more lenient within our rules.

We ask that everyone follows our rules, and if there are suggestions or feedback, that they message us through DM, help us help you. We need to build a level of trust and respect for one another. 

We also have a #random channel now, where conversations that may not be completely appropriate for our general chats can take place, such as the age old MnK discussion etc. It has an NSFW filter, so there is more freedom there, but again nothing that breaks our rules.

If an admin or mod believes something is inappropriate, please listen to them. That's our only hangup!


This will only be a success if we work together. Welcome back.