Decided to join the scout team eh?

Here is a brief guide to what is expected of you, and how the role works.

What's my job?

Unlike most in-game scouts, scouts on BFN are a core asset to their nations. Your job is to recruit new members to your nation, and watch them flourish from casual solo gamers to assets for your countries rosters.

Who is a potential member?

Any BF1 gamer on PS4 is welcome to BFNations. With that said, your main mission is to find players from your home nation, in order to make it more active, more fun and more competitive.

How do I find players?

Because BF1 has no Battlelog, finding players from your nation is a bit trickier than before.

Below are some suggested methods:

1. Battlefield TrackeR

1.png is currently the biggest online database of Battlefield players.

One suggested method of finding new players would be by setting the following filter:


The one issue with Battlefield tracker is that it does not hold all Battlefield players. In fact, a majority of the active BF players are not even on the site, as it seems like they only list players that have owned previous battlefield games, or chosen to be listed.

2. In-game scoreboard


With the introduction of platoon tags, it has become considerably easier to figure out what nations players come from. If you see players that come from your home nation in-game, you can press their name in the scoreboard, to open their PSN profile.

Take their name down, and reach out to them via the app!

3. PSN communities


here are a number of communities on PSN catering to Battlefield players, and some even focus on BF1 for specific countries. These are a great source to find potential recruits for your nation.

4. Facebook


Several nations have Facebook groups for PS4 BF players.

One thing to consider when writing in these groups is that several of the players could be playing on other platforms. BFN currently caters mainly to PS4 players, so keep that in mind.

How do I best reach out?

There’s no single way of recommending people to join your national side. There are however some best practices. Here is an example (using Sweden) on how you could approach a player that is not currently on your nations Discord-channel;

"Hey! I’m a scout for Sweden at BFNations. We’re looking for players that are interested in joining the Swedish community on BFN, and possibly trying out for the national team. Let me know if you’re interested!"

If the reply is negative or the person isn’t interested, let them be. The goal of BFNations is to have an active community of people that actually want to be there, not to trick anyone.

If the reply is positive however, you can proceed and send them an invite;

“Awesome! Here’s an invite; [your invite URL]. Let me know when you’re in, and I’ll make sure to say hi :-)”

Of course, the way you communicate will depend on language, culture and your own creativity. However, just make sure you’re being nice, not spamming anyone and not spreading any false information in your correspondence with non-members.

What is my invite URL?

Your Discord invite URL is unique to you, and will allow us to get an idea of how many players you have recruited, and how engaged they are.

Here is how to generate your invite URL:


Click the BFNations server name in the top left corner


This will open the ‘invite’ window, and let you copy the invite link. Make sure that you have ‘set this link to never expire’ checked.



How can I easily message people?

Typing with a controller is not great.

In order to resolve this, Sony has released a PS Messenger app, which will let you write messages from your mobile phone.

Here are the links:


 When you’re in the friends tab of the app, you can easily search for and message new people that you have found via Battlefieldtracker, In-game scoreboards or any other method.

When you’re in the friends tab of the app, you can easily search for and message new people that you have found via Battlefieldtracker, In-game scoreboards or any other method.


Any rules?


  1. Never approach anyone under the pretence that you represent the BFN Administration. This will not only result in removal from the scout-team, but may also result in a ban from BFN.

  2. Don’t spam, and don’t break the rules on any other communities when promoting your national team.

  3. Do not recruit players from other discord servers.

  4. Do not recruit players to any other Discord servers than BFN

Any rewards?

Every month, the scout that manages to bring in the highest number of active members on BFN will be rewarded with a €50 PSN voucher. We will also be adding more goodies, and rewarding strong individual performance occasionally by sending out BFN Merch.