Divisions - Season 1

Frequently Asked Questions


Basic Information


What stages does the division system include?

The Divisions system consists of two stages;
- A Swiss-system to determine skill and seed clans
- A League System with 3 divisions 


I would like to participate, how do i get started?

Before you sign up we recommend to read our rule sets first
- URL to general rules
- URL to game specific rules


Is there anything else i should have prepared before i sign up?

Yes! We recommend that you have all informations about your team collected upfront. On top of obvious informations e.g. PSN ID, Xbox Live ID or Origin ID, we offer you a place to promote your clan and players with social informations. See the entire list below.

Clan Information:
Website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube  and Twitch

Player Information:
Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram


I would like to participate, but I am not part of any teams, where can I find players?

We’ve got you covered! Simply join our BFNations Discord by clicking here and start recruiting players
from the #clan-recruitment channel


Will I still be able to add team information such a social media pages after sign-up?

No problem, we are all humans! Simply ping staff of the Competition Team in your specific divisions support Discord channel with the missing info and everything will be sorted, instantly!


Help! My roster has been changed after signing-up or during the event, what to do?

That’s fine! Inform staff of the Competition Team by sending a message in your specific divisions support channel on Discord. A reminder that players, added during the event, will be ineligible to participate in games for the duration of two weeks.


About Swiss Stage


Why will there be ‘Swiss Rounds’ at the beginning of this event?

Swiss rounds will be played in order to determine which team will be part of which division. After the Swiss-system, teams will be placed into their respective divisions based on the results made in the Swiss-system. This way, we ensure skill-based gameplay in all BFN divisions.


Why does the swiss rounds only contain one map per game?

They will only contain one map per game due to a tight schedule. Via this way, we will have more time left to play in the actual divisions. Beside that, we have to keep in mind that Incursions is still in full development. Meaning that there is a possibility that Incursions servers may be down mid-event, for example caused by maintenance or patches.


When do swiss rounds needs to be completed?

A maximum of 2 days to agree in date & time is given. If you can not agree in date & times, the pre-scheduled times are to be used. Matches not closed will be handled as a draw.


About Division Stage


Why will there only be a ‘best out of 2 games’ in this event?

This due to a current scoring bug on the map ‘Amiens Redux’. In games on this specific map, there is a chance that the game will stop and assign a winner mid-game or that the score outcome of the match is incorrect. As described in the Incursions rules, the map ‘Amiens Redux’ will be locked for this event until further notice.


Fixed dates and times are applied for division 1 participants, why?

The fixed times and dates to division 1 participants are made for streaming purposes. Via this way, we will be able to create a ‘stream schedule’ for division 1 games and stream as many games as possible from other divisions outside the fixed division 1 schedule.


What are game disputes and how do they work?

Disputes are issues or conflicts happening between teams during the event or a match. Team leaders are able to open a dispute in the Toornament match overview for anything happening during the event or game which are against the event rules. Rules can be found on the event page on Toornament.com.