Divisions Rule-Set

These rules apply to the BFNations Incursions Divisions, further referred as the ‘event’. We will try to ensure that we have these rules updated and complete at any time, however, there are no guarantees for that. Please keep up-to-date by visiting our website and Discord server for additional information, and reach out to us if you have any questions.

1. Players

1.1 Participation

Event and sign-ups will take place on Toornament, a team leader is required to have a Tournament account in
order to sign-up and participate in this event. Every BFN member is allowed to participate in a BFN competition with the exception
of a standing ban caused by cheating or rules breakages.

1.2 Platform Requirements


1.3 Technical Issues

All participating members are responsible for their own hardware, game accounts and internet connections. BFN won't reschedule matches caused by technical issues or player drop-outs during a match. If a team does not show up to the agreed or pre-scheduled times, with the team's respective player count required to start a round, a forfeit loss will be applied to the team that fails to adhere to the match requirements. Connection issues are to be solved by participating players upfront and before a match. Players with disturbingly high ping, which influences the outcome of a match, might end in disqualification. We recommend to test your ping prior to a match and make sure to shut down all downloads.


1.4 Forbidden hardware and settings

For X1 and PS4 the following hardware is forbidden and may be penalized:

a) Usage of modified controller enabling rapid fire or any kind of macros
b) Usage of keyboard & mouse adapters or emulators
c) Usage of USB mod adapters


For PC the following changes to hardware settings are forbidden and may be penalized:

a) Modifications or external software to overrule in-game graphics setting and overlays
b) Modifications to custom data such as player models, skins etc.

2. Participating Teams

2.1 Roster

Participating teams in this event must at least consist of 5 and max. 8 players. Teams may list a max. of 2 out-of-region players in their roster.
Roster changes on Toornament, made by the leader of the team, during the event are not allowed. Roster changes must be communicated and may only be made via the staff of the Competition Team. Players added during the event will be ineligible for the duration of two weeks after the roster change. Players who make use of ineligible accounts to participate in a match will be banned for a minimum of one tournament or season.

2.2 Substitutions during a match

During this event, it is only allowed to bring up a substitute during a side change or during a map change. Players not part of the locked roster are not allowed to be used as substitutes. 

2.3 Sign Up

Please note that signing up for this event does not guarantee you a spot in a division. In the rare event of incomplete divisions, a minimum of 5 teams is required to open up a new division.

2.4 Discord

Team leaders are required to join the BFNations Discord in order to get access to the specific event channels. Team leaders will be contacted by the staff of the Competition Team. Please note that match scheduling may only take place in the division channels.

3. General Rules


3.1 Host rights

All online matches are to be hosted on an Incursions server, available in the Incursions game version.
Teams that are hosting, must assign a player that will set up and host the game. Please refer to section 3.4 ‘Incursions Specific Rules’ for more information.

Best of 1 gameAll games played in the swiss system will feature a ‘BO1 setup’.

The higher seeded team hosts the first and only map.

Best of 2 games: Due to a scoring bug on Amiens Redux, division matches will feature a ‘BO2 setup’ until further notice.

First map: Hosted by the higher seeded team.
Second map: Hosted by the lower seeded team.

3.2 Server REgions

Europe – All matches played in the European divisions must be played on ‘Europe’ servers.

North America – Server region ‘NA East’ is set to default for matches in the North America divisions unless otherwise agreed.

3.3 No show

Teams must be on the assigned game server before the actual game start. A forfeit loss will be applied if a team fails to be on the server before the start time of the game. The waiting team is responsible to provide clear video proof in case of a dispute.

3.4 Player drop  

In case a player drops during a match, the game may not be paused and must be completed until a map switch occurs. The dropped player may join the game back at any time. Please note that it is not allowed to substitute a player mid-game. Please refer to section 2.2 for more information

3.5 Division Schedule

Division 1 :

Please note that all matches in division 1 are set to fixed times & dates. Meaning that they cannot be re-scheduled. Teams in division 1 leaving due to time issues may be penalized.

Division 2 & 3 :

Teams in divisions 2 & 3 are free to re-schedule their games within the respective week of the game. When teams can’t come to an agreement on re-scheduling the game, the fixed times & dates will be applied.

Fixed times & dates can be found on the Toornament.com event page.

4 Incursions Specific Rules

4.1 Joining a server

A game-key (PC) or invite (PS4/X1) is required in order to join an Incursions server.
(PC) Once you have received the game-key, simply enter this into the ‘join private match’ tab.
(PS4/X1) Accept the game invite from the host and simply click on ‘join server’.


Incursions in-game menu overlay


4.2 Creating a server

All matches must be played on private Incursions server. Creating a server can be done by the hosting team in the Incursions menu by clicking on the ‘Create’ tab. Simply set up the server with the correct region and map and hit ‘Create & Join’. The player hosting the game is responsible for inviting the enemy team (PS4/X1) or providing the enemy team with their game-key (PC).

PS4/X1 ONLY -  Please note that invites can only be sent manually by typing all the PSN IDs into the invite tab. Players appearing offline on PSN network cannot be invited, therefore all players are responsible to have their account set on the online status.

4.3 Map pool

  • Giant’s Shadow Redux
  • Sinai Desert Redux
  • Amiens Redux*

*The Amiens Redux map will be locked from the map pool until further notice due to a scoring bug.
Note that Amiens Redux may be unlocked mid-event.

4.4 Scoring

Each map has its own mode and specific scoring.
Here is an overview on how scoring works on the current Incursions maps.

Giant’s Shadow Redux - Incursions

The game has a total of 14 sets, the team first to 8 sets wins the game. The winner of a set is the first team that reaches 10 tickets within that set. Tickets will be awarded for killing, performing squad wipes, destroying an enemy vehicle, and holding flags

Sinai Desert Redux : King of the Hill

The game has a total of 6 sectors, the first team to 4 sectors wins the game. Every sector has one flag, you will gain tickets by holding the flag. A sector win will be awarded when a team reaches 10 tickets.

Sinai Desert Redux - Draw:

In case of a draw, overtime will be played on Sector B, teams will have to play both sides, the team with the most sets after overtime wins the game.

Amiens Redux : Squad Breakthrough 

The game consists of several sector stages with flags. Attackers must capture the flag before they run out of ‘spawn tickets’. When there are no spawn tickets remaining, the game will switch sides and attackers will become defenders. Scoring will be based on captured flags as attackers.

5. Disputes & Spectators

5.1 Disputes

All disputes must be made on the match overlay on Toornament. Accessible via the ‘Dispute’ button. Team leaders are able to use the specific dispute channel on Discord to request support from an admin about a current dispute. BFN requires clear video proof, which is preferably uploaded to a web space, accessible via a link to an unlisted/not public accessible video source.

5.2 Spectators

Use of spectators by teams are strictly prohibited. Teams caught using spectators will be disqualified from the event.
An extra penalty may apply.

6. Broadcasting

6.1 Broadcasting by BFN

BFN reserves the rights to broadcast any match that is played in BFN competitions, therefore, all spectator slots are automatically reserved for the BFNations broadcasting team. All broadcasted videos and commentary which are distributed through BFN, are the property of BFNations.com.

6.2 Streaming by players

Streaming matches by a member through any streaming service is allowed.
It is not allowed to stream matches through spectator mode, other than by BFNations.

7. Reporting Results

Match reports must be made in the report match overview on Toornament. Simply click on your current match and click on report. After you have filled in the report, submit via the ‘report’ button. Note that all scores must be submitted in sets.

For Best of 2 games:

  • Choose the map played
  • Fill in the scores
  • Repeat for the second map 

The team that wins a map, receives 1 point for the total count.
Results may end in 2:0, 1:1 or 0:2.


Match report overview on Toornament.com