global community manager

We are looking to recruit a global community manager. In this position, you will become the public face of BFN, representing us on our discord and other platforms. From helping members, leading a team of moderators, and ensuring regular community activities take place, this is a very varied role. 

This position is an unpaid role, however you will be performing a key role within our organisation and will have the ability to influence decision making, in addition to becoming a well respected leader within our community. You will have creative input in what types of events are managed, with the possibility of being assigned a budget to organise prizes for our events. 


  • Leading a large team of Community Moderators to ensure server rules are adhered to
  • Acting on behalf of the BFN administration to uphold our rules and make key decisions
  • To assist in resolving disputes and arguments on our server
  • Providing advice to new members, being a knowledge base for all things BFN
  • Escalating issues to the admins and dealing with day-to-day problems
  • Monitoring Community Moderator activity levels and performance
  • Setting up community events on a regular basis and other related tasks
  • Working closely with other key people within BFN to ensure we run smoothly
  • Work with the Server Administrator, Game Leaders and Community Moderators to run events


  • Excellent command of the English language

  • Approachable, Friendly demeanour

  • Level headed and able to work under pressure

  • Familiar with BFN and well known within the community

  • Outstanding track record

  • High level of availability

  • Trustworthy

  • 18+ [to be able to receive payments]

  • Desirable - Previous community management experience

  • Desirable - The ability to speak a foreign language


If you think you are the right fit, and this position would interest you, we look forward to receiving your application!