Growth hacker

Would you like to help the Battlefield community grow stronger? Every day, thousands of players are playing the game, unaware of the fact that there are communities like ours out there, where they can find others to play with. If you - like us - think that this is a big waste, then you may be interested in becoming a BFN Growth Hacker!


As a Growth Hacker, your main responsibility is helping BFNations - and the active Battlefield community - well.. grow. You do this by directly inviting players to the community, or using social media channels to spread the word about BFN. Since BFNations is international at it's core, we try to reach Battlefield players in as many nations as possible to make BFN a place they can home. Since we're not a major corporation, we try to find creative ways of accomplishing this.


Apart from spreading the word, you're also in charge of making sure that new members are taken care of when they arrive. This puts you at the "frontlines", and means that you will be a crucial part of improving the user experience on BFNations.


If you're interested in becoming a BFN Growth Hacker, get in touch with us via the button below.