Nation Leader Guidelines (0.1)


BFNations is first and foremost a community, where Battlefield- players on PS4 can get to know each other, play together and help each other improve their game. First off, our ambition is to gather the majority of active players ‘under one roof’, in order to open up new possibilities for the BF- community.

Secondly, we want to structure and set a framework for Nation vs. Nation matchups. We’re hoping this will ultimately manifest in a World (or Euro) Cup event, as well as national teams that gain ‘official status’ as such within the Battlefield Community, and among the general public.

Finally, we also want to act as an independent mediator / third party between organized clans that focus on competitive gameplay. By providing a platform for clans to organize and coordinate their teams and matches, we want to become an essential utility that helps connect the competitive scene.


Welcoming new nations on BFN is one of the most exciting aspects of working with the community. If a nation has a large enough base of active players, and leaders that can help organizing things, they are a candidate for BFN.

When a new nation has been created, you get a channel on Discord (eg. #sweden) where you can write in your native language.

This beginning phase is normally quite ‘loose’ in the sense that people don’t know each other yet, but are generally quite enthusiastic to get things going. We highly recommend opening up a few PSN parties at this stage and playing the game together, to start building the team. Perhaps schedule a time the day after to meet up for some scrims?

How your nation decides to organize itself is of course up to the members, and the nation leader. Keep in mind however that you can always ask other leaders and admins for help on how to improve your nations gameplay and activity.


Each nation on BFN has an assigned Nation Leader and Captain.

Nation leaders are in charge of how their nation is managed on BFN. Their responsibilities typically include:

  • Moderating the nation channel

  • Helping new members get settled

  • Assuring we maintain a nice welcoming atmosphere

    As well as..

  • Scheduling matches against other Nations

  • Managing team selection for matches

  • Managing team tactics & strategy for matches

  • Assuring the team shows up in full for scheduled matches

  • Posting the correct results after a match has taken place

  • Staying in touch and up to date with other Nation leaders through the #nationleaders channel


The Captain works together with the Nation Leader in order to assist him/her. Depending on your situation, you may want the captain to handle match-day responsibilities like tactics and organization, while the Nation Leader handles the rest. How you divide your responsibilities is entirely up to you (the nation, the leader and the captain).

Spider-man (or was it Voltaire?) said it best: With great power comes great responsibility.

The BFN crew’s main focus is to support Nation Leaders, but in the event that a Nation Leader gets repeated complaints from his nation members, BFN admins will investigate, and intervene to try and resolve the issue. In extreme cases, this could include holding a “re-election” for the role of Nation Leader and/or Captain.


Most of the BFN members are here for the purpose of representing their national team, in matches against other nations.

In order to facilitate this, Nation Leaders can currently arrange the following type of matches against other nations:

  • Domination 5 vs 5 (Friendly / Competitive)

  • Domination 12 vs 12 (Friendly / Competitive)

  • Conquest 32 vs 32 (Friendly)


All BFN matches will adhere to the BFN Ruleset, as detailed here


Friendly matches are - as the name points out - friendly. The tone here is a bit more relaxed than when playing a competitive game, and Nation Leaders should make an effort to include players that have little / no chance of getting picked for competitive games.

The objective is not simply to ‘keep everyone happy’, but also to better get to know the players within your Nation. Stats are not always the only way of evaluating your line-up; good chemistry and communication goes a really long way, and the best way to scout for this is through friendly matches.

Until the BFN tournament kicks off, all matches that are arranged will be arranged as Friendly Matches. Any new Nation is expected to have a minimum of 3-5 Friendly matches under their belt before they start competing.


Coming soon!


The #nationleader channel was created so that Nation leaders from around the world could collaborate on how to improve BFN. We (admins) want to run an open community where feedback is welcomed, and acted upon.

A few times per month, the group of Nation Leaders will be called in to a ‘congress’ of sorts, where we can discuss issues pertaining to BFN. For example, one such issue could be a new patch, and discussing what potential changes we may have to make to the current Ruleset.

These occasions are meant to be collaborative and fun, but in the case of controversial topics where there are a lot of disagreements within the group, the issue will be put up to a vote. Each nation gets two votes (leader & captain). The motion with the highest amount of votes wins, and any opponents to the motion are expected to respect such outcomes.


Nation Leaders are expected to both enforce and follow the points below:

  1. Be nice. Seriously. It feels great to be liked, and nobody likes a jackass.

  2. No harassment of any sort.

  3. No racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination. We reserve the right to make judgement calls here. Don't test us.

  4. Don't instigate any drama. We don't need a more divided scene, but a more united one. If arguments take place, help resolve them instead of making them worse.

  5. Avoid political discussions, they rarely end well. This is a gaming community.

  6. Show good sportsmanship before, during and after matches against other community members.

  7. Keep up-to-date with announcements and rules on the server.


Coming soon!


Why was I (or any of my members) invited to BFNations?

When we invite new members, we focus on their country of origin. Our first and most important focus for new nations is to get a critical mass of players in the same channel. Some players will enjoy the casual side of BFN; simply chatting, using #squad-up and getting to know others, while some players have a more competitive focus.

The latter group will have access to the Nation vs. Nation games, depending on if they are selected to play by the Nation Leader. Competitive nation vs. nation games will be handled in a private nation channel (eg. #teamsweden for #sweden), where you can have more in-depth discussions on tactics, team coordination and scheduling.