European Tournament July 7- NL Discussion Points


·        16 Nations

·        4 Groups

·        Group stages - 3 weeks

·        Tournament length - 6 weeks

·        Match intensity Fri-Sun 2-3-3


Server rules:


Get your rosters together, 5 players +3 reserve. Ensure that you cover for people being absent (holiday etc). This means picking people with less skill and more availability if you have to.

Deadline: June 27.


·        No MnK

·        Max 8 team roster (with enough availability to fill all match slots)

·        Only teams signed up on the roster can play

·        Long term residents (3+ years) and citizens/dual citizens can represent the country (not checked atm)

·        All scores from matches must be collected for a points based system

·        Everyone must wear tags with correct emblem and platoon name

·        Games scored using a points based system (tbc)

·        Any nation that fails to submit a roster by June 27 will not take part in the tournament

·        Matches will not be rescheduled



·If a team are not in the same platoon, or have the correct name/emblem/not representing, a 10 minute period will be granted to correct this. Otherwise the match is forfeit.

·Should a member of a team no-show with no notice, a 15 minute period will be granted to find a replacement player from their pre-selected list of reserves. Otherwise the match is forfeit. If adequate notice is given, a short postponement may be available on a one-off basis.

·Each in game rule breakage must be reported by the other team with clear video proof. Each rule breakage carries a 10 point penalty



Activity and engagement levels have been tracked for all nation leaders. Those nation leaders who have performed their responsibilities well will be rewarded. As discussed in the nation leader meetings.


Points base system:

Group stage winners will be decided via the most points accumulated. The scoring is important and currently being worked on. The amount of matches and format will be decided in due course.