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Same rules apply for all maps except Redacted.

Each team Leader have to create a portal server to facilitate the work of each team.

Game rules:

If 2-2, best of five (BO5) is played. The winner of the 4th round start hosting on the 3rd map (Maps are played twice, attack and defense).

Fair play required for everyone. No insults between players. Use English language when International Matches. 

Weapons banned (subject to change) :

➣ Secondary weapons: G57 | SHORTY 500

➣ Submachine gun:

➣ Assault rifle: VHX | RM-68 

➣ Machine gun :

➣ Sniper : NTW-50

➣ Precision rifle :

➣ Tactics (shotguns): All Tactics (shotguns) are banned.


Number of Vehicles (except Redacted) :

1 Jet | 1 Nightbird | 1 tank | 1 DCA (EBAA Wildcat) | 2 Recon 

Operators Banned : Zain. Tool is ok. (people can keep it for its ability to react)
Gadgets: Javelin, the New Sraw missile, the proximity sensors sent, the Ranger, Masterkeys
Redacted Specialists bans:
Dozer, Sundance
Gadgets: Bounce grenade, frag grenade



Rules in constant evolution. They will never be changed during a match.

RULESET 24V24 - BF2042

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