Mission Statement

With over one thousand members across twenty nations, we are well on our way to fulfilling the two main ambitions this venture was founded on. 

Our first ambition was to create an international tournament, pitting nations with members at their top form against each other. This is now in the process of being planned, with an expected kick off for our first tournament in July 2017. Stay tuned on this one!

Our secondary goal was to unite the often divisive Battlefield community on PS4. By providing a communal place for members, both competitive and causal to socialise, organise matches, develop their skills and friendships. BFNations is quickly becoming a second home to them. 

Where we are now

At this stage we are in the planning phases of our first international tournament. With twenty nations set to take part, this is going to be an intense, enjoyable and fun period. The date has been set for a July 2017 kick off. We have big ambitions and the team, skills and experience required to make this a success.

With friendly international matches taking place regularly, and internal nation matches taking place on a daily basis, it certainly is an exciting time to be involved in this project. The production level of the content we create is exponentially increasing, and with the development of an in-house bot for Discord, and other related technologies, we are becoming well equipped to deal with the consequences of the success that we envisage as an organisation.  

We are continuing to establish our social media presence, developing our reach and making sure that we attract more of the populous community that plays BF1 on PS4 on a regular basis. With a number of established platoons ingame, we are quickly becoming a positively identified organisation. 

The nature of this organisation has enabled us to garner a community of players with other skills, such as video editing, commentators, community managers and other fields, we will be forever appreciative of the efforts put into this community by these individuals. 

Our History

Earlier in 2017, we started a Swedish Battlefield community, called BFSweden. Within a week, the discord server had grown from about 10 to 100 users. Everyone who spoke Swedish, and played Battlefield on PS4 was welcome. This led to a great meeting ground, where both casual and competitive players could discuss the game, play together and get to know each other.

After the success in bringing the Swedish community closer together, our focus immediately turned to the rest of the world. Swedes seemed to appreciate the concept, so why not extend it to other nations?

... and so, BFNations was born. We quickly pivoted from the idea of a Swedish community, into becoming an international platform for BF players on PS4. Our idea was for every nation to get their own Discord channel on our server, so they could undergo the same transformation as the Swedish community had; from a loosely organized group of parties on PSN, in to a tight knit community.

We also saw a real opportunity in an international community to arrange nation vs nation match-ups, not because we're necessarily huge fans of nations per se, but because removing the language barriers makes for teams that can communicate easier.

Our shared future

We are confident that if we stick to the two main ambitions, with the right leadership we will continue to grow into a large, functioning organisation, with prestige and support associated with our tournaments. 

We are seeing continual growth of our community, with members from across the globe coming together to share their interest in BF1 and other Battlefield titles. 

Eventually as other titles are released, we will move onto supporting them also, however the founding principles of this community will continue to remain the same. 

Have fun on the battlefield.


On behalf of the entire team, thank you for deciding to check us out!