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What is the purpose of this website?
Everything BFNations is accessible from this website. 

How do I get to play for my Nation? 
Join the Discord and reach out to your local Ambassador or Team Leader. You may have to successfully pass one or multiple tryouts sessions before any acceptation. Team Leader are the ones who set the nation rosters. 

How do I get to participate in a tournament?
When clans tournament: Simply join with your team on the tournament registration page. When Nation tournament: If you made it to the national roster, your team leader or Ambassador will register your nation. All registrations pages are accessible here.

How do I get to play in a scrim (ladder)?
The BFNations network can connect you with teams from all around the world. Depending of the local interest, pugs server are created and accessible by asking your Team Leader or Ambassador. To register in the BFN ladder, click here and follow the steps (auto-guided by our BFN bot) 

Where can I see your website policy? 
View our website policy here

I want to be involve! What should I do? 
If you want to get involved in the staff, please reach out to Maple#0007 on Discord. For all other community enquiries, please reach out to your local Ambassador. 

I want to support the community! What are my options?
To became a BFN sponsor, please contact us by using this form here. One of the best way to support us is by shopping here. To subscribe to our Twitch channel, click here. To became member of our YouTube channel, click here. To boost our Discord server, click here. Note that your simple participation in the Discord server is also a very good way to support us, as seeing our community active and growing is our ultimate goal. 


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