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ELO is a score calculation used in many games. To learn about the history, meaning and usage of the ELO score calculation, please read the ELO Introduction page.

BFNations Elo’s are a nice way to play tournaments, warm up, practice, or just play against harder competition.

The more you play, the more you will learn and master your craft. 

To play BFNations Elo’s, you need to have the Discord app installed on your phone, computer or into a web browser. Join our Discord server here:

BFNations Elo’s can be played in any Discord servers having the BFNations Elo’s bot. 

BFNations Elo’s are played using Discord voice channels. To report bad behavior in any of the BFNations vocal channels, please send a direct message to the BFN ModMail.

BFNations Elo’s are an infantry-only experience (no vehicles).

One map will be played per session on each side, attacking and defending.

To create your team, type /team create in your ⁠🌐・nations. To invite players, type /team invite in your ⁠🌐・nations. 

To queue, click: Team Queue.

Select your map.

Wait for the opponent. Once the opponent team joined the queue, the match will start.

When the match is over, click win/loss and wait for the opponent to confirm.

See your new results in ⁠⁠⁠📋・results, see your current global ranking in⁠ ⁠🗒・leaderboard.


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