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Pubs = General casual public server round.
1 more” = There is an enemy still alive around you during game.
T5/T8/T12/T16/T32 = Number of people per side for a match. Ex: T5? Means we are 5 players and we want to play against 5 players.

R.I.P = Rest in Peace, often used as a way to express a bad game or situation.
GMT = Greenwich Meridian Time, used as a reference timezone for matches and streams.
In-House = General fun practice that respect the competitive ruleset.
Scrim = Friendly competitive match against another team.
A-team/B-team/C-team = Specific skill level of a team.
PTFO = Play the fricking objective.
Randy = Toxic word for describing a new competitive Battlefield player.
GG = Good Games
ATM = At The Moment
IDK = I don’t know
KK = Ok cool
Ringer = Player from a team joining another team for 1 match.
BO3 = Best of 3 matches
PW = Password
DM = Direct Message
SQCQ = Squad Conquest

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