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BFNations Website 3,0

Finally! After many months of waiting, we are now ready to launch the website. It has been a long road since the beginning of the creation of BFNations.

Back in the days, the first version of the website included the ambassador announcements, some news, articles about our tournaments, and the overall activity summary of the BFN community.

Since then, a second version of the website launched, for a short period of time. Shortly after that, the previous admin team stepped down and I (Maple) took the relay of the torch. It is a pleasure for me to announce that the BFNations website is finally there again once and for all! Same thing; announcements, news, teams and nation sections - everything is there. Down the road we hope more writers and content creators will join us to write articles and create content about specific Battlefield topics for our community.

Speaking of the community, we will continue to improve the website over the coming months. This website will be the main platform of BFN, gathering everything from our social media, discord, playlists we have for tutorials and matches, it's all accessible directly from the website. For the people who work on different aspects of BFNations, this will be the central place from where we will work, too.

Thanks a lot for having stuck with us since the beginning, we’re stoked about what the future holds. Go BF go!

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