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Website Launch - Discord Announcement

Today is a big day for our community, our website is back! There are a few things we want to announce today, this update will include:

1: Summary about the website launch

2: New team member announcement

3: Details of what is coming up

1: Website BFNations

Yes! Our website is back, finally. It is an important step in the continuation of BFN because we can now see everything BFNations in a glimpse and interact with the community more dynamically. We can find articles, have quick access to video playlists, tournament results and registrations, join/create your member account, comment, like and follow each other, see the nations and teams, access all our merch recently launched, and so on.

Speaking of that, there is even a playlist link called Interviews, where we can watch all the interviews made in the past, including one with Lars Gustavsson (Mr. Battlefield) itself, who quit recently. We want to take a quick moment here to say massive thanks to all Ambassadors and everyone who shared and liked one of our recent Tweets about it, we think indeed that it was an important moment in the journey of the Battlefield community to see him go. We will continue to be inspired by his work.

More on the website update in part three of this update, big thanks to everyone for the support so far, despite sometimes good and bad days. It is because of you guys that all of this is possible. It is more than appreciated and never taken for granted. We are jubilantly stoked for the future!

2: Staff Announcement

Today is an honour to announce @peppsi83 as our new Admin - Discord Animation! @peppsi83 is not only the father of his wonderful family, but he is also a long-time member of our community. He is from Austria, playing Battlefield since the very first opus of the franchise.

His task will be to animate our Discord. This unique but vital task is, as all other tasks everyone does, super important for the growth of BFNations, because we'll have more productive tournaments, so as activities and frequent discussions. Precisely, his tasks will be:

- Animate discussions in the server, in general and Nations

- Participate in Discord server activities, by creating them/gathering feedback if required, going from text to voice chat ideas for our Discord server

Please wish him good luck in his new challenges and congratulations!

3: Details of what coming up

There is still a lot to do, in the shortest way possible here is a few of our next steps: Website optimization, revamp of the Discord server, Youtube content other than matches, articles to write and add to our website, preparation of more activities with the Ambassador team, sponsored streams, planning of our next tournament, and much more.

Thanks for sticking around, we continue to work hard and stay humble, again, because of all of you guys. Go BFN Go!

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