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BFNations Roadmap 2023

Here is the Roadmap for 2023. So far we completed our first charity, first sponsored streams, first tournament with our bfn bot, changed the setup of discord server channel for nations and overall categories, added translation on our website, these completed steps will appear in green in the picture below.

There is quite a few more steps compared to last year, but don’t worry, all steps are a bit simpler so let me explain (bullets) each of them.


- Complete/improve the nation pages

- Complete/improve the translations of all pages

- Visual & User Interface revamp

Color themes:

- Select all colors for each of the 4 seasons

- Adjust/create/complete visual for each seasons

Content workflow:

- Cross promotion of our content step 1 (define what's needed exactly)

- Cross promotion of our content step 2 (see which app to use/how to do it)

- Cross-promotion of our content step 3 (execute written routine list, see if automation possible)

- Diversification of our BF content for YouTube step 1 (write list of topics to cover)

- Diversification of our BF content for YouTube step 2 (create the videos)

Discord bot:

- Improve scrim module visual

- remove scroll down menu list and add buttons

- Improve leaderboard visual - players and teams

- Improve scrim process - votes, voice chat, add in-queue animation

- Centralization of the reaming platform notification on discord (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Website)

Discord server:

- Run activities, as server events

- Podcast

- Surveys

- Giveaways

Monthly Experiences:

- Continue to find interesting mode to play BF2042

- Continue to spread awareness about our team system for matches and tournaments

Nations Tournaments:

- Once the system will be well-known run nations tournaments with it

Special Events:

- More Charity streams

- Sponsored stream

Thanks again to everyone for sticking around, 2023 will be a solidification year, where we continue to enjoy the Battlefield series together. Much love to everyone, go BFN go!

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