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FINAL 4v4 Rush 2042

Today the PC 4v4 Rush Final was completed, and the winner is Rindoh Gaming!

On console, congratulation to Germany and their team leader PYURIX1!

Watch the vods of today’s match:

At the beginning of the tournament, we tried to mix PC and Console teams to play together. It didn't work, so we changed the format to allow Console and PC to play separately from each other. The next tournament will be the same, with two separate groups PC and Console.

In Elo's, we allow players from any platform to play together. This mode has n

ow been proven successful. We've made around three or four test matches so far. In the upcoming days, we should finalize the test to ensure the stability of the bot, then we will ping the server.

Thanks again for sticking around, we'll see you all on the battlefield, either in scrims to practice or in our next tournament, go BFN go

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