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Podcast series

At the end of 2021, in mid December, podcasts were added as new activities for the BFNations community. We spoke to many members in the scene, and we had an incredible time with all of them.

We've made eight podcasts so far in the last nine months. We are looking forward to increasing the number of podcasts we make approaching the end of this year and during 2023. We take the time to record not only the audio but also the visuals of each podcasts. So when we post them on YouTube, you can see everyone talking, which creates a more engaging experience while watching. We also do them live on our Discord server, in what we call a live-stage. It is a feature of Discord that allows us to create events for people to join easily. Anyone on Discord can join our live-stage and listen to the podcast in real-time.

The best way to be aware of when the next podcast will be, is to join our Discord (discord. gg/bfnations) and keep an eye out for our events, at the top right corner of the server. Massive thanks to everyone participating in our podcasts so far, it is a true pleasure for us to do them.

We are looking forward to having many more guests in 2023. In the same domain that our dual languages stream takes place, we are looking for a way to translate our podcast into more languages in the future. Check out the playlist below to watch all of them. Enjoy!

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