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Roadmap BFNations 2024

The new roadmap for 2024 is here! Last year, we completed most of the points on the roadmap 2023, with a few things that will be moved onto the Roadmap 2024 for completion.

First, bot-related, we started using it for tournaments, we fixed our YouTube command, and found a new dev for the scrim module to improve during 2024,

Content-related, the Social Media and Content Toolbox is ready, 2024 will be the year where we put it in application.

Another document we made is the BFNations Tournament Organizer Toolbox. The document will serve to make sure tournaments run smoothly.

We made one of the two Nation tournaments planned, but we learned a lot during the last preparation. We'll postpone our next Nation tournament during Q1 2024 (registration may start during December 2023) to make sure everything is solid before we announce a new Nation tournament.

Speaking of that, a big improvement was made in the Competitive section of the website. Stay tuned for our next article about it, now time to take a look at the Roadmap 2024!

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