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BF2042 Rush Tournament - 4v4

Time for our next tournament! This time we're back with Nations, in a BF2042 Rush 4v4 format. As you can see in our Discord, we have adjusted the rules, as well as some of the attachments. Everything is available down below, the ruleset, experience code and registration page.

Despite that we can't stream this tournament, because there is no spectator mode, we may create our multi-connection custom-made set up again for the final stage.

Rush Nation S3 CUP T4 Ruleset

Rush Nation S3 CUP T4 Registration

All infos and important updates will be posted in the competition channel section of the server, in the # important and # updates channel respectively. Big thanks to everyone for the feedback so far, we're also working on our next tournament right after this one, Domination 5v5. Go BFN go!

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